Blue Flower

dr Urszula Michalik


Stanowisko (Position): Adiunkt z Zakładzie Języków Specjalistycznych ( Assistant Professor at the Department of Specialized Languages)

Gabinet (Room): 3.52

Telefon (telephone) : 32 36400884

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dyżury (Office hours)- sesja letnia (summer session)

 Wtorek (Tuesday) 12th June 2018 godz. 08.00-9.30 Gabinet (Office)  3.52

Środa (Wednesday) 27th June godz. 11.00-12.30

Czwartek (Thursday) 28th June godz. 11.00-12.30

 Wykładane przedmioty (Courses taught)

- w roku akademickim 2017/18:

Cross-cultural communication- introduction

Managing cros-cultural communication

Translation (written)


- w latach ubiegłych (in previous years):

Business English ( business units, marketing, public relations, advertising, problems of international trade)

Presentaions (preparing nad delivering effective presentations)

Meetings (preparing, participating and running effective meetings)

Negotiations (theory of negotiations, preparing and participating in negotiations)

Culture of English-speaking countries)

Business correspondence


Zainteresowania naukowe (research interests): cross-cultural communication (theory and practice), marketing (theory and practice), advertising (theory and practice), negotiations (theory and practice), genre and register analysis of business texts, humour (theory and practical application e.g. managing humour across cultures.