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Department of the History of English

Office: room 3.59


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2002 – 2008 University of Silesia, Ph.D. in Linguistics

1999 – 2002 Catholic University of Lublin, M.A. in Linguistics

1996 – 1999 Teacher Training College in Chełm. B.A. in the English Language

Research interests

historical linguistics, history of English, Old English, Middle English, grammaticalization, lexicalization, adverbial clauses, subordinating conjunctions in the history of English

Courses taught:

Seminar BA

Seminar MA

History of the English Language

Historical Grammar of the English Language

Introduction to Linguistics




Contemporary Linguistic Theories

Phonetics and Phonology

Introduction to Psycholinguistics

Descriptive Grammar of the English Language

Text Understanding

Written English

Integrated Skills

Listening Comprehension

Translation (Polish-English, English-Polish)