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Section of Applied Psycholinguistics  
E-mail address:
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Office hours:
(Summer semester 2019/2020)

Mondays, 12:45 - 1:30 p.m.

  • Please email me in advance. 

Subjects taught:

Summer semester 2019/2020

  • Reading comprehension in English


At the MA level:

  • Reading comprehension in English

At the BA level: 

  • Reading comprehension in English
  • Practical English grammar
  • English conversation
  • L3 Spanish (writing, conversation, and listening comprehension courses)
  • Translation workshop: English - Spanish


Research interests:

  • Multilingualism in the family domain
  • Family language policy
  • Parental blogs on multilingual upbringing
  • Early multilingual acquisition
  • Teaching and learning third/additional languages



Bello-Rodzeń, I. & Montenegro, A. (2019). Teaching Spanish as an additional language to experienced learners. In D. Gabryś-Barker (ed.), Challenges of Foreign Language Instruction in the University Context. Katowice: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego.

Bello-Rodzeń, I. (2016). Multilingual Upbringing as Portrayed in the Blogosphere: On Parent-Bloggers’ Profile. Theory and Practice of Second Language Acquisition 2(2). Katowice: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego.

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Conference papers and presentations:

29th International Conference on Foreign / Second Language Acquisition (ICFSLA)
“One Parent, Many Possibilities: Linguistic Affordances in the Multilingual Family”
May, 2017. Szczyrk, Poland
10th International Conference on Multilingualism & Third Language Acquisition
“Multilingual Upbringing in the Blogosphere: Toward a Taxonomy of Parents’ Weblogs”
September, 2016. Vienna, Austria
28th International Conference on Foreign / Second Language Acquisition (ICFSLA)
“Parents’ Views on How Age Affects Multilingualism”
May, 2016. Szczyrk, Poland
25th Annual Conference of The Polish Association for the Study of English (PASE)
“Considerations for the Use of Online Questionnaires in Multilingualism Research”
April, 2016. Szczyrk, Poland
Donostia Young Researchers International Symposium on Multilingualism
“Parent-Bloggers as Members of a Pro-Multilingualism Online Community"
March, 2016. San Sebastian, Spain
9th International Conference on Native and Non-native Accents of English
“Accents in L3 Spanish Instruction: A (Non-) Native Teacher’s Perspective”
December, 2015. Łódź, Poland
2nd Silesian Meeting of Young Scholars (SMYS)
“EFL: A Shortcut, Bridge or Obstacle on the Road to Learning an Additional Language?"
November, 2014. Szczyrk, Poland
VII Congreso Nacional - Asociación Latinoamericana de Estudios del Discurso
“Discursos sociales de estudiantes de inglés en trabajo por proyectos”
September, 2012. Bogotá, Colombia