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University of Silesia, Institute of English

V-DOCS 2016
Various Dimensions of Contrastive Studies

Różne wymiary studiów kontrastywnych

Katowice, 24-25 October 2016

First Circular and Call for Papers

Book of abstracts

Dear Colleagues,

Institute of English at the University of Silesia, has the pleasure to announce the 3rd international conference titled Various Dimensions of Contrastive Studies (V-DOCS 2016). The conference aims at focusing on a variety of possible approaches to contrasting languages. We want to welcome academics who represent various methodologies and perspectives on linguistic analysis: formal, functional, cognitive-semantic, pragmatic, and anthropological.

This year’s leading theme is:

Between Literal Language and Figurative Meaning

In recent decades linguistic research has experienced a revival of interest in figurative thought and language. Scholars have emphasized the significance of such phenomena as metaphor, metonymy, analogy, personification, or synesthesia in different types of specialized discourse, as well as in everyday communication. However, there are numerous questions that remain open: How much of our language is figurative in fact? Is it possible to communicate successfully with literal language only? Do we need figures of speech at all? Is figurative meaning the matter of thoughts or rather of linguistic forms? What are the contexts in which figurative language is used in different languages? Do people speaking various languages use figurative language in similar ways? At what levels of linguistic structure is figurative meaning created in different languages: phonetics, morphology, word play, syntax, discourse?

The list of suggested topics for conference presentations may include, although will not be limited to, the problems of both literal language, as well as figurative meaning, in such areas of linguistics as:

-        contrastive phonetics and phonology

-        contrastive morphology

-        contrastive syntax

-        contrastive semantics and lexicology

-        contrastive pragmatics

-        contrastive discourse studies

-        contrastive cognitive-linguistic studies

-        contrastive cultural-linguistic studies

-        bi- and multilingual lexicography

-        language contact, borrowing and code-switching

-        contrastive perspective on diachronic studies

-        teaching contrastive grammar at the university level: the place of contrastive studies in the curriculum, course syllabus, teaching materials, methodology, students’ expectations, assessment of the course, etc.

Each presenter will be given 30 minutes (20 minutes plus 10 minutes for discussion). The conference language is English.

We are pleased to announce that the following speakers have expressed their agreement to present plenary lectures during the conference:

Prof. dr María de los Ángeles Gómez Gonzáles (University of Santiago de Compostella, Spain)

More information: http://webspersoais.usc.es/persoais/mdelosangeles.gomez/

Prof. KUL dr hab. Anna Malicka-Kleparska (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin)

More information: http://pracownik.kul.pl/Anna.Malicka-Kleparska

Prof. AJD dr hab. Piotr Mamet (Jan Długosz University, Częstochowa)

More information: http://www.ifo.ajd.czest.pl/?page_id=1376

Dr hab. Ewa Bogdanowska-Jakubowska (University of Silesia, Katowice)

More information: http://ija.us.edu.pl/index.php/pracownicy-1/54-dr-hab-ewa-bogdanowska-jakubowska

Important dates:

Abstract submission: 31 May 2016

Confirmation of acceptance: 30 June 2016

Early bird payment: 31 July 2016

Regular payment: 15 September 2016

Conference: 24-25 October 2016

Abstract submission:

Abstracts describing the topic of a presentation in up to 300 words, attached as a doc/docx file should be sent to vdocs2016@gmail.com no later than 31 May 2016.

Conference venue:

The conference will be held in the new building of CINiBA (The Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library), located in the University of Silesia campus, at 11A Bankowa Street in Katowice (http://www.ciniba.edu.pl/).

Conference fee:

The fee will cover the participation costs, conference materials, coffee breaks during the conference, the conference dinner (optional), the visit to the Museum of Silesia, and the costs of publishing a post-conference monograph. Accommodation and meals are not included in the fee (except for the optional conference dinner).

Fee options:

Early bird payment (paid by 31 July 2016):

-          with the conference dinner included: 350 PLN / 90 Euros

-          without the conference dinner: 300 PLN / 80 Euros

Regular payment (paid by 15 September 2016):

-          with the conference dinner included: 400 PLN / 100 Euros

-          without the conference dinner: 350 PLN / 90 Euros

Conference dinner:

The conference dinner is planned for Monday, 24 October, at 7 pm in a restaurant located in the vicinity of the university campus (details to be announced soon).

Social event:

On Tuesday (25.10) afternoon the organizers are planning a tour of the newly opened Museum of Silesia in Katowice, with a visit to the top of the hoist tower of the former pit shaft (http://www.muzeumslaskie.pl/en/index.php).

Scientific committee:

Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Łyda

Dr hab. Bożena Cetnarowska

Dr hab. Adam Wojtaszek

Dr hab. Andrzej Porzuczek

Organising committee:

Dr Paulina Biały

Dr Marcin Zabawa

Dr Marcin Kuczok

Dr Konrad Szcześniak


Contact e-mail: vdocs2016@gmail.com

More information can be found on the conference website: http://ija.us.edu.pl/sub/vdocs/






The conference bank account: 74 1050 1214 1000 0007 0000 7909, the beneficiary: Uniwersytet Slaski w Katowicach, ul. Bankowa 12, 40-007 Katowice, Poland, the title of the payment: VDOCS + your name. The swift code of the bank is INGBPLPW. For payments from abroad it is customary to extend the IBAN number by PL added in front of the account number. It is very important that you mark the payment with the sub-account name VDOCS and your name, because otherwise the financial department will not know where to allocate the money and we will not have your name on the list of those who have paid. To ensure that the money transfer is properly registered, please send us also a fax of the payment document to (0048 32) 3640809 or email theconfirmation to vdocs2016@gmail.com.

IMPORTANT : Everyone who wishes to receive a receipt / invoice (Faktura VAT) issued to the home institution should make sure that the money is transferred by the institution, and not from a private bank account of the participant. It is a policy of our financial department not to issue the bills to a different person/institution than the one who actually made the payment. If, for some reason, it is impossible for the university to transfer the money for conference participation and the staff members are asked to make the payments by themselves, we suggest that in order to ensure that the bill will be issued to the sending institution the transfer should be made by a postal order with the name of the institution as the payer. Bank transfers from private accounts will always be treated as paid by the account holders.


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